GT Gold Corp. has two wholly-owned, high-value property assets, ‘Tatogga’ and ‘New Nanik’, both located in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Northwestern B.C.

GT Gold’s 40,901 hectare flagship property, Tatogga, is located in northern B.C. west of the village of Iskut, and directly accessible from paved highway 37. The primary target area of interest on the property is Saddle, a new, high-grade epithermal gold-silver discovery achieved in summer 2017 following successive soil and rock sampling programs carried out in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

A second target of merit on the Tatogga property, Pass Gossan, is located seven kilometres southwest of Saddle, and is primarily a copper prospect. Directly adjacent to the southwest of Pass Gossan and sometimes referred to in tandem with it is the Quash base metal target area. Recent work has additionally identified a new gold anomaly called Valleyside, located along strike to the southeast of Pass Gossan. These and other historically known zones and showings on the Tatogga property warrant further work but shall for the time being assume a low priority while exploration at Saddle is expedited.

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New Nanik
West-Central B.C.

GT’s New Nanik property, located in west-central B.C. approximately 100 kilometres southeast of Terrace, encompasses 13,000 hectares. The property has no road access. It does however, have strong copper and molybdenum in soils over an area of approximately 500 X 2000 metres, associated with a large northeast tending faulted contact zone. This zone was the target of trenching and some 33 historical holes in the 1967-1991 timeframe, along with ground IP and magnetics. Drilling results were encouraging, with many holes returning intercepts of >0.2% Cu plus Au, Ag and Mo credits for lengths up to 200 metres, some bottoming in mineralization.

The New Nanik property is believed to offer excellent exploration potential. However, at this point in time no specific plans for further exploration have been formulated.

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